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"Lymphosan L Vitality", 90 g

# 500042     90 g    
A food supplement with fiber and herbs extracts for the liver

A vegetable product for the liver with pectin, which serves as a source of dietary fiber and is an excellent plant sorbent. The complex contains plant extracts of plant flavonoids, including maltodextrin, apigenin, etc.


Pectin, guar gum, peppermint extract (Mentha piperita L.), tubers of Jerusalem artichoke powder (Helianthus tuberosus), chamomile flower extract (Chamomilla recutita L.), an extract of thyme (Thymus vulgaris), fruits of thistle (Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.), St. John's wort extract (Hypericum perforatum L.), aloe vera extract (Aloe vera).

Pektin, Guargummi, Minzextrakt (Mentha piperita L.), Topinamburpulver (Helianthus tuberosus), Kamillen-Extrakt (Chamomilla recutita L.), Maltodextrin,Thymian-Extrakt (Thymus vulgaris), Mariendistelfrüchte (Silybum marianum (L.), Johanniskraut-Extrakt (Hypericum perforatum L.), Gaertn.), Aloe-Vera -Gel Extrakt (Aloe vera)..

Pro Tagesverzehrsmenge (15 g):
Pektin - 6.2 g
Citrusfasern- 3.0 g
Minzextrakt - 2.1 g
Topinambur-Pulver - 1.5 g
davon Inulin - 450 mg
Kamillen-Extrakt - 1.3 g
davon Apeginin - 39 mg
Thymian-Extrakt- 600 mg
davon Flavonoide (berechnet auf Rutin) - 6 mg
Mariendistelfrüchte - 200 mg
Johanniskraut-Extrakt - 100 mg
davon Hypericin - 0.3 mg
Aloe-Vera -Gel Extrakt - 8 mg
davon Aloin - 1 mg
Lösliche Ballaststoffe- 7.8 g

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