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August 10

New herbs hunters conquer SIBERIA and ALTAY!

In July, the international team of Siberian Health – winners of the "Herb Hunters" Program from Vietnam, Azerbaijan and Russia – went on a thrilling journey to see with their own eyes the famous Siberian wild-growing herbs as well as the whole process of assembling and processing of the raw materials and producing the legendary products of Siberian Health.

The first one who met our travelers was one of the key suppliers of extracts of Siberian herbs and berries – Altai Visterra, in the foothills of Altai, where raw materials for future products of Siberian Health are grown on their own plantations of 1,000 hectares.
Did you know that right after harvesting berries and herbs are transported to the manufacturing unit?
It takes less than 2 hours to deliver berries from "fields" to the plant!
During the trip, herb hunters admired picturesque sites of Altay – Lake Aya, the Katun river, Tavdinskie caves! Visited sacred Lake Teletskoye, waterfalls, and even the Chemalskaya Hydropower station. Enjoyed horseback riding on Devil's Finger mountain and motorboat rafting along the Katun river. As well as tried out must-have activities for Altay visitors – sleeping on the beehives, honey tasting and sweat bathing in a Russian steam bath!
Complemented the Siberian Health's alley with true Siberian larch trees! BTW, the first tree alley of the Herb Hunters is already one year old and young trees successfully took roots.
The trip ended in the heart of Siberian Health – at the Company's manufacturing plant!


@rada.ml_ Rada Melnik, Senior Consultant, Azerbaijan: "I'm very proud of the Company! We saw where and how Siberian herbs grow, how they are harvested and processed. We saw the manufacturing scales and how many efforts is needed to create each product. I'm overwhelmed with emotions!" @svetlana_schonhofen Svetlana Lepehina-Schonhofen, Senior Consultant, Germany: "I went bungee jumping, explored the caves, tasted excellent meals. I strongly recommend to all Consultants: participate in promotions and the Reward Trip Program – it's a pure delight!" @zotovaolga123 Olga Zolotova, Senior Consultant, Russia: "New format of "Herb Hunters" is actually "joy hunters". We are absolutely thrilled! Our team united Consultants from Vietnam, Germany and Azerbaijan, I was the only person from Russia, but we perfectly understood each other without translation.
Everything was top-notch. Without embellishment, we vacationed like billionaires! The best park hotels, mouthwatering food, thrilling entertainment and activities: motorboat rafting along Katun river, horseback riding, temples, swimming under waterfalls, one of which is located in the center of Teletskoe Lake (waterfall Korbu)! Mountain rides and walking tour to the Tavdinsky caves, a speedboat ride across the sacred Teletskoye Lake with a stop for a lunch in the Altay Village, the most expensive hotel in Altay, where we were met with champagne and delicacies. The best apiary and healing sleep on the beehives to the tune of buzzing bees!
And in the end, we visited the heart of Siberian Health – the Company's manufacturing plant! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and pride in the Company! I couldn't even dream of such a fascinating voyage!
Guys, participate in promos, reward programs – it's all for us! Join and win!"