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June 26

Discover Tanzania with Siberian Health!

The winners of "LEADER VOYAGE – 2018" Program returned from the thrilling trip across the hottest continent of the planet. They admired landscapes from the top of the largest volcanic crater and the Serengeti Great Migration, immersed into the everyday life of ancient Maasai tribe and found themselves in the very heart of savanna, at the foot of the Kilimanjaro. Today they share their experience with you!

Cholpon Madalieva, Leader (Kyrgyzstan)
Africa was my long-cherished dream since childhood. I was astonished when I saw this country firsthand: Instead of endless deserts, I saw green forests, instead of decadence – developed cities and educated people. I’m going to do my best to give my Consultants the opportunity to visit countries of their dreams.
Svetlana Kuprij, Leader (Serbia)
Here I faced the unique adventures and emotions that would be impossible in any other place. There was a moment when I had to run away from buffalo. The feeling of real danger to your life is unspeakable. That’s the moment when you really do feel alive. I realized that I’m capable of so much more. You literally discover your new self with Siberian Health.
Sevindzh Mamedova, Leader (Azerbaijan)
The most remarkable for me was African wildlife and people's delicate care for nature. I was pleasantly surprised by exotic hotels with no fence that separates you from the animals and, of course, special treatment to each of us from the Company Management. For the first time in my life I traveled by private jet. Tanzania was the third country I visited with Siberian Health Traveling with the Company is always unforgettable as it is the recognition of your effort.
Elvira Akchulpanova, Leader (Russia)
I will always remember this journey to Tanzania. For the first time in my life, I saw such a diverse wildlife. Trips organized by Siberian Health are always special! Real-life communication with the Company Management, experiences exchange – it is overwhelming. After such a traveling, you feel like a hyper-charged battery filled with harmony and happiness. Now I’m ready to do the utmost!
Natalya Vorobyova, Senior Leader (Russia)
It is impossible to repeat such a journey: we visited the marvelous sites that most tourists never see. We were accommodated in premium class hotels within the nature reserves. Everything made this trip one-of-the-kind! Tanzania awoke the burning desire to win. Being among the strongest Company Leaders you understand the real importance of such Events. For it is not only a chance to see the most fascinating places of the world but also to become better and stronger!
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