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Set. Buy 4, pay 3! "Elemvitals. Calcium with siberian herbs"

# 404123     60 capsules    
Calcium is a mineral of a natural strength!

Natural calcium in several forms, including the most strong calcium hydroxyapatite, helps to support strength of the bones. Vitamin D3, zink and soybean isoflavon are providing target delivery of calcium into the body, preventing calcium loss in the old-aged. Vitamin B6, manganase andsilicium from the natural sorce,horse-tail plant, areforming solid protein frames of the bones.

Recommended use

For the adults: 3 capsules per day with sufficient amout of liquid during the meals. Do not overdose recommended daily dosage.

Calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxyapatite, calcium citrate, soybean extract , horse-tail extract, ascorbyc acid, D,L-alpha-cholуcalciferol, piridoxine hydrochloride, zink citrate, manganase sulfate.

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